Terms & Conditions

General Rental Conditions

Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car, through this document, rents the undersigned Rentee the described vehicle under the terms and conditions herein stated, to which the client is aware and agrees.

1. Driving License Requirements

The Rentee and all the authorized drivers must have a valid driving license. Additionally, specific conditions apply based on the driving license issuing country:

- Any EU countries' valid driving license is accepted.

- All other printed driving licenses with non-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be complemented by an international driving license.

- Non-EU countries' driving licenses (except for Switzerland) will be accepted if:
a) no visa is included in the passport.
b) the client has a visa in the passport, and, at the time of the rental, the client is not in Europe for more than 6 months. In case of staying in Europe for more than 6 months, the client must exhibit a driving license issued by an EU country.

2. Minimum Age for Car Rentals

The minimal age for car rentals is 19 years old. There is a surcharge for young drivers who are less than 25 years old.

3. Vehicle Condition

The Rentee received said vehicle in perfect usage conditions.

4. Usage Restrictions

Said vehicle will only be driven by the Rentee and will not be used for:
A. Goods transport violating customs regulations or any means considered illegal.
B. Goods or passenger transport in exchange for implicit or explicit means of payment or compensation.
C. To pull or push any vehicle or trailer and for sports competitions.
D. By any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
E. Exchange of car parts or in order to change the mechanical and/or aesthetical of the vehicle.

5. Vehicle Delivery Requirements

Upon the vehicle delivery, it must have a company's sticker stuck to the rear window, warning triangle, sealed odometer, vehicle booklet, vehicle ownership title documents or VRC, insurance Green card, and vehicle inspection statement. In case of total or partial loss or destruction of the documents and/or vehicle keys by the Rentee, the former is required to compensate or indemnify the Renter for any inherent damage, namely the expenses occurring from the issuance of the new documents and the Renter administrative expenses.

6. The prices do not include:

Fuel, fines, and, in case of accident, the vehicle towing to the original rental facility: the charges do not include compensation expenses in case of collision.

The Rentee is responsible for:

The vehicle and its equipment conservation during the rental period, and the Rentee must check, namely, the oil, fuel, water levels and the tire pressure.

The prices include a civil liability insurance:

The civil liability insurance of the rented vehicle covers personal injuries and damage to property. The Rentee is liable (up to the compensation maximum value) for accidents caused by the Rentee, damage resulting from parking, theft, or any other damages caused by third parties.

This protection is excluded when the vehicle is used for hazardous goods transport. All the protection included in the rental agreement is considered void in case the rental terms and conditions are violated, and in case the vehicle driver does not possess a valid driving license at the moment of the occurrence that resulted in the compensation request, or by negligent acts, speeding, and driving under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol.

The Rentee might choose by the complementary insurance PREMIUM (SCDW).

Any damage done to the vehicle or any carried out assistance is of the sole responsibility of the Rentee, who has chosen the CDW option (deposit). Also, the damage caused by gross negligence is not covered by the insurance and must be charged to the Rente who opted for CDW/SCDW according to the following cost values:

In case of excessive dirt (inside or outside), a cleaning fee of 75€ will be applied.

In case of the rental vehicle having a fine, the Rentee must inform the Renter and pay the fine. If the Rentee omits this information and does not inform the Renter about the fine, the Rentee is liable to pay a fee of 50€ to the Renter.

The Rente must return the vehicle with the same fuel level it had upon delivery. Otherwise, it may result in the application of a 150€ fee.

7. The rental ends in the day and at the time set by the Renter.

If the Rentee wishes to extend the rental period, the Rentee must go to the Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car desk in order to update the contract 24 hours before it terminates (if there is availability). If there is no consent, it is considered that the vehicle is circulating without authorization and against its owner's will, and this act is lawfully punished, considered to be the driver's liability, to whom is applied a non-compliance fee of 200€ to which is added the daily price for rental and insurance.

The premature vehicle delivery does not give any rights to reimbursement of the sums paid for the rental.

8. A reservation can be canceled before the beginning of the rental.

In case of cancellation, the payment for the rental must be 80% reimbursed, for the 20% left will be retained due to reservation. This measure is applied to the Rente who paid in full. If the cancellation is not carried out within 48h before the rental beginning, the full cost of reservation will be retained.

Any cancellation can be carried out via e-mail to: reservas@perolarentacar.com.

If the reserved vehicle is not collected at all or within 2 hours after the scheduled time, the rental amount paid until that time must be fully retained and the reservation will be canceled and void.

9. Pick up and Drop Off are possible upon surcharge.

This surcharge varies depending on the region and the schedule. This service, however, is subjected to confirmation. In case the vehicle Pick up and Drop Off is carried out between 20:00 and 8:00, an additional surcharge must be paid, individually, of 45€.

10. The Rentee agrees to protect the best interests of the Renter and the rental insurance company, in case of accident during the rental period, as follows:

11. In case of accident, loss, damage or theft, the occurrence must be immediately reported to the competent police authorities (112) and to Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car in the following 24 hours.

The Rentee agrees to fill the accident report with the most data as possible. Otherwise, the CDW and SCDW insurance options will be considered null and void. The Rentee agrees to cooperate with Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car and its insurance companies in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings.

12. Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Ida - Pérola Rent a Car is not liable for accidents that are not reported to the police.

In such cases, CDW and SCDW does not cover for damages caused to the tires, winddowns and locks, as well as accidents caused by speeding, and(or) caused under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

13. The Rente agrees that Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car stores and processes the personal data given in the rental agreement, and also through the communication of said data to the group companies, for the same collecting ends, including statistical analysis, Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Ida - Pérola Rent a Car services sales and credit control.

In case of the Rentee's non-compliance with this agreement, the personal data will be revealed or given to third parties in proportion to the recovery of damages caused by the non-compliance.

14. Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car is not liable before the Rentee or any passenger for the loss or property damage to personal goods transported or left in the vehicle, either during or after the rental.

15. Towing is supported by Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car, except in the following situations:

Vehicle key loss, lack of battery due to leaving the lights or radio on during parking, stopping off-road and similar situations. In these situations, the Rente will be charged 80€, even when the Rente has Premium insurance.

In case of failure/malfunction or accident, the client can request road assistance provided by the fleet insurance or choose an immediate towing service, which is faster and works 24h a day (365 days), against 100€ payment.

Any other assistance or matter concerning the rental must be carried out through our means of contact, during the working hours, between 9:00h and 18:00h.

Additional towing optional services will be provided by one of our partners: Filipe Reboques, Unipessoal LDA. - +351 965 014 484

16. Leaving the island of Madeira to the island of Porto Santo is subject to confirmation and previous authorization.

Any necessary assistance in the island of Porto Santo must be supported by the Rentee, who is entirely responsible for it, and for the due conditions of the vehicle.

17. The accessories and extra services are available and can be reserved without enforceability;

And are subject to desk availability. Each service or extra accessory has a variable cost.

18. There is a surcharge in case an additional driver is requested, whose details will equally be noted in the rental agreement in case the latter is the holder of a valid driving license according to the previously stated preconditions.

19. We accept all the credit cards from internationally recognized companies such as:

American Express, Dinners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, and Unibank. The Rente must be the holder of the used card. The authorized driver's data and payment method will be confirmed and registered in the act of reservation and will not be altered afterward.

The card used for the reservation has to be valid (for at least 1 month after the rental's target date end) and submitted upon vehicle pick up. All other costs incurred during the rent period may be charged.

20. If the Rente does not comply with the Rental Agreement, Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car can immediately terminate the contract without previous warning, and get the vehicle back regardless of the facilities or location it is at that moment;

For the Rentee is liable to compensate Atlanticability - Rent-a-Car, Lda - Pérola Rent a Car for any actions, complaints, costs, and consequent damages occurred or reoccurred from this same recovery and retreat.

21. Any editing and alter to the terms and conditions of this document will be void unless they are agreed to in writing

22. The rental agreement is drafted according to the laws of this Country, in which it is signed and by governed by it.

Both parties agree that for the resolution of any conflict arising from this contract, the competent Court is the District Court of Funchal, except it is duly justified in the case of any severe inconvenience for one of the parties, without putting at risk the best interest of the other party.

23. VAT-22% Madeira Island. All the fees are subject to VAT (if applicable)